Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is that one partner is not liable for another partner’s misconduct or negligence. 

LLP is favored by Professionals, Micro and Small businesses that are family-owned or closely-held.

Limited Liability partnership offers the benefit of limited liability to its owners and at the same time needs minimal maintenance.

The registration for the LLP was same as that of a Pvt company

Minimum 2 Partners (18 years and above age)

No Capital Requirement

At least one Designated Partner as Indian Resident

DPIN for all Partners


It has a separate legal entity.

The liability and responsibility of every partner are limited.

perpetual succession.

Low cost.

Audit not required.

No minimum capital.

The ownership can be easily shifted to another person.

Required Documents

2 Name Suggestions

Explain the Reasons for Choosing the mentioned Names

Detailed Objects

No of Partners

Share Capital (Basic Investment amount for the Company)

Capital Sharing Ratio

Partners KYC

Voter Id or Passport or Driving License

PAN Card

Aadhar Card

Mobile Number

E-Mail Id

Passport Size Photograph(s)

Digital Signature(s) (if any)

Director(s) Identification Number (if any)

Bank Statement


Office Premises

Rental Agreement

No Objection Certificate of the Owner

Utility Bill of the Premises (not older than 2 Months)

Bank Name in which we are going to open Current a/c on the Company name

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