Private Limited Company which is registered under the companies act. It is the most popular legal structure.  A private limited company must have a minimum of two members. The directors of a private limited company have limited liability to creditors.


Separate legal entity which limits your liability.

Easy to register, manage & run

It is flexible and has limited liability

Easy to expand

Required Documents

2 Name Suggestions

Explain the Reasons for Choosing the mentioned Names

Detailed Objects of the Company

No of Directors and Share Holders (Min 1 for OPC / 2 For Pvt Ltd.)

Share Capital (Basic Investment amount for the Company)

Capital Sharing Ratio

Directors KYC

Voter Id or Passport or Driving License

PAN Card

Aadhar Card

Mobile Number

E-Mail Id

Passport Size Photograph(s)

Digital Signature(s) (if any)

Director(s) Identification Number (if any)

Bank Statement


Share Holder’s KYC

PAN Card

Aadhar Card/ Voter Id/ Passport / Driving License

Bank Statement

Mobile Number

E-Mail Id

Office Premises

Rental Agreement

No Objection Certificate of the Owner

Utility Bill of the Premises (not older than 2 Months)

Bank Name in which we are going to open Current a/c on the Company name

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